Why is Engen refinery closing down?

Why is Engen refinery closing down?

In late 2020, Engen’s 120 000 barrel-a-day Durban refinery also suffered an explosion and fire and has remained closed ever since.

What is Enref?

Durban – The Engen oil refinery (Enref) is expected to close its doors in 2023 and the facility may be converted into a fuel storage facility for imported product, according to sources close to the refinery.

Where is Engen fuel from?

South African
Engen Petroleum is a South African oil company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses.

Is Shell leaving South Africa?

This comes after BP and Shell announced they will pause operations in Durban by the end of March 2022 as they attempt to find a buyer. Engen recently announced a similar decision around its refinery operations, said Zikalala.

Who owns Enref?

Engen is majority-owned by Malaysia’s oil and gas firm, Petronas.

Why is Caltex closing?

Fuel giant Caltex will temporarily shut one of Australia’s last remaining oil refineries for extended maintenance work as the coronavirus crisis wipes out global fuel demand and pressures the plant’s already-battered profit margins.

Which petrol is the best in South Africa?

Unleaded 95/93 with Techron® Unleaded 93 with Techron® is designed to maintain optimal engine performance. The proven power of Techron helps keep dirty engine deposits at bay for better efficiency and fuel economy.

Who is supplying South Africa with oil?

The majority of South Africa’s crude oil is supplied by three countries. They are Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Angola. These three countries have supplied 89% of South Africa’s total crude imports for 2018.

Where does SA get its oil from 2022?

South Africa Imports from Nigeria of Crude Oil – 2022 Data 2023 Forecast 1999-2020 Historical.

Who owns Engen Zimbabwe?

Vivo Energy
Vivo Energy completes Engen takeover, adds Zimbabwe to new markets. Vivo Energy, the London-listed oils company that holds the Shell brand in Africa, has added Zimbabwe to its list of new markets after the completion of a takeover of Engen assets across the continent.

Why is Caltex rebranding to Ampol?

Chevron sold its stake in Caltex Australia in a $4.6 billion deal but allowed the company to continue to use the Caltex brand. That was until the end of 2019, when it decided otherwise and Caltex Australia was renamed Ampol Limited during the company’s May 2020 annual meeting.

Is Ampol Chinese owned?

“Ampol is an iconic Australian name – a brand which reflects our deep Australian heritage and expertise,” said Mr Segal.

Is BP better than Engen?

This implies that the particular additive of a brand is not added. Can one assume then that, while the quality of fuel from the various refineries may differ slightly in terms of spec, there is absolutely no difference between Shell, BP, Caltex, Sasol, Engen and Total.

Does South Africa buy oil from Nigeria?

South Africa Imports from Nigeria of Crude Oil was US$2.14 Billion during 2020, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade. South Africa Imports from Nigeria of Crude Oil – data, historical chart and statistics – was last updated on July of 2022.

What does Russia supply SA with?

Russia Exports to South Africa Value Year
Manmade filaments $85.10K 2020
Essential oils, perfumes, cosmetics, toileteries $73.03K 2020
Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatics invertebrates $64.8K 2020
Milling products, malt, starches, inlin, wheat gluten $62.61K 2020

Does South Africa get petrol from Russia?

Speaking on Wednesday during the National Assembly debate on the fuel price hike, Mantashe said that except for the limited oil that comes from Sasol, South Africa does not have its own oil, thus purchasing it from Russia is an option.

Does Russia export oil to South Africa?

In 2020, Russia exported $506M to South Africa. The main products exported from Russia to South Africa were Copper wire ($169M), Wheat and meslin ($117M), and Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals; crude ($42.3M).

Who owns Engen garage?

Engen is majority owned by PETRONAS (74% holding), one of the world’s leading oil companies and a member of the FORTUNE 500. PHEMBANI, a black-controlled South African company focused on the broader energy sector, holds 21.2%, while a Phembani-led consortium holds the remaining 4.8%.

What does Engen stand for?


Acronym Definition
ENGEN Enabling Next Generation Mechanical Design

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