Who voices sett in League of Legends Japanese?

Who voices sett in League of Legends Japanese?

Takehito Koyasu
Sett’s Japanese voice actor is Takehito Koyasu, known for many show, movie, and game roles, some of which are the roles of the Beast Titan and Zeke Yeager from the Attack on Titan franchise.

Who voices Eula Japanese?

Rina Sato
Eula’s voice actors in the game The Japanese voice actor for the character will be Rina Sato, whose voice is well known in the gaming industry. She gave the voice to the character Makoto Nijima’s in Persona 5. On the other hand, Suzie Yeung has been announced as Eula’s English voice actor.

Who Voices Japanese octane?

Beau Weaver is the English dub voice of Octane in The Transformers, and Kenyu Horiuchi is the Japanese voice.

Who voices Yoshikage Kira Japanese?

Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川 智之 Morikawa Toshiyuki) is a Japanese voice actor. He is the voice actor for Yoshikage Kira in the anime adaptation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, specifically its third season, Diamond is Unbreakable.

Is Sett JoJo reference?

Sett is just a walking JoJo reference, Not only is the Japanese voice actor the same as that of Dio – Takehito Koyasu – but Riot also added in a specific emote which mimics the infamous ‘It was me, Dio! ‘ line from the first season of the anime.

Who voices Japanese yanfei?

Yanfei’s Japanese voice actress, Yumiri Hanamori, has voiced HMS Matchless and HMS Musketeer (Azur Lane), Captain Nemo (Fate/Grand Order), and Mercedes (Fire Emblem Heroes). Yumiri Hanamori currently works for m&i, so it should be delightful to see her work in Genshin Impact soon.

Is konohamaru a chopper?

Ikue Ōtani (大谷 育江; born August 18, 1965 in Kashiwazaki, Niigata, Japan) is a Japanese voice actress. She’s known for voicing: Konohamaru Sarutobi in Naruto, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya in Detective Conan, Pikachu in Pocket Monsters and Tony Tony Chopper in One Piece.

Who voices Gibraltar in Japanese?

Kenyu Horiuchi (堀内 賢雄, Horiuchi Ken’yū, born July 30, 1957 in Gotemba, Shizuoka) is a Japanese voice actor.

Who voices Mirage in Japanese?

Brad Kurtz is the English dub voice of Mirage in Fire Force, and Susumu Chiba is the Japanese voice.

What race is Sett?

Though now a powerful player in Ionia’s flourishing criminal underworld, Sett had humble origins. Born from an Ionian vastaya and a Noxian human, the “half-beast” child was an outcast from the start.

What animal is Sett?

A sett or set is a badger’s den. It usually consists of a network of tunnels and numerous entrances. The largest setts are spacious enough to accommodate 15 or more animals with up to 300 metres (1,000 ft) of tunnels and as many as 40 openings.

Is Zeke voiced by Dio?

Beast Titan/Zeke is voiced by Takehito Koyasu! Some of his most known roles include Dio Brando from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Shinsuke Takasugi from Gintama, Roswaal L. Mathers from Re:Zero, Kuzan Aokiji from One Piece, Papa Shirogane from Kaguya-sama: Love is War, and many more!

Who voices Makoto?

Cherami LeighPersona 5: The AnimationRina SatōPersona 5 the Animation: The Day BreakersFarina BrockPersona 5: The Animation
Makoto Niijima/Voiced by

What does Klee say Genshin?

ogg “Explosion inside city wall, grounded be thy woe,” “Explosions can hurt people, Jean can be dreadful,” “Mondstadt be bombed, Klee be doomed.” Those’re the survival rules that the Knights of Favonius gave me.

Is Xu a Childe?

English Genshin Impact voice actors don’t get too much credit when it comes to minor characters, but it’s worth noting that Xu’s VA also voices Childe.

Who is Xingqiu English VA?

Cristina Valenzuela is the English dub voice of Xingqiu in Genshin Impact, and Junko Minagawa is the Japanese voice.

How to change voice to Japanese in League of Legends?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to change voice to Japanese in League of Legends. Changing the voice to Japanese in your game client is simple. Open your League of Legends client by right-clicking LeagueClient.exe and create shortcut afterwards. Then have that shortcut dragged to your desktop.

How to change in-game audio and text in League of Legends?

The release of a new League of Legends launcher has slightly altered the method to change your client’s in-game audio and text to Japanese. Nevertheless, it only requires a few easy steps. Navigate to the League of Legends folder. Go To: “This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Riot Games > League of Legends”. OR Right-click your League of Legends client.

How to play League of Legends in Japanese on PC?

Drag the Shortcut to your Desktop Right-click the newly created League of Legends shortcut “C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\LeagueClient.exe.” Add two spaces to the end of the string of text Click ‘Apply,’ then click ‘OK.’ After following the steps above, the recently created Shortcut will launch League of Legends in the Japanese language.

Are your Japanese voice actors native Japanese speakers?

Our Japanese voice talent are native speakers and are available for projects requiring Standard Japanese, Eastern Japanese and Western Japanese dialects. Need a script translated to Japanese? Many of our Japanese voice actor provide English to Japanese translation services.

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