Who plays the trumpet intro to CBS Sunday Morning?

Who plays the trumpet intro to CBS Sunday Morning?

A vinyl recording of a version by Don Smithers, played on an eight-foot baroque trumpet, was used as the theme song to the long-running CBS News Sunday Morning for almost 20 years until CBS opted to switch out the vinyl recording with a clearer digital recording performed by Doc Severinsen on a piccolo trumpet.

What is the trumpet song on Sunday Morning?

On “CBS Sunday Morning,” “Abblasen” is normally a solo recorded by Wynton Marsalis. Luke arranged the fanfare for four trumpets, according to a post on Peterson’s Facebook.

What kind of trumpet does Marsalis play?

Selmer trumpet
Which gave me a little bit of challenge.” Still, Marsalis, a nine-time Grammy winner who wrote the first jazz piece to win a Pulitzer, says he usually plays a Selmer trumpet as well—and like, Armstrong, he gives his instruments away after about five years as well.

Did Wynton Marsalis play trumpet?

Marsalis has won nine Grammy Awards, and his Blood on the Fields was the first jazz composition to win the Pulitzer Prize for Music….

Wynton Marsalis
Born October 18, 1961 New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Genres Jazz, classical, Dixieland
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, educator, artistic director
Instruments Trumpet

What does Abblasen mean?

abblasen Verb. abblasen, (absagenanbsetzen) cancel, to Verb (cancels; canceled; canceling) postpone, to Verb (postpones; postponed; postponing)

Why is CBS This Morning changing its name?

7, the program will be called “CBS Mornings,” replacing the title used since 2012. The new moniker signifies an effort to refresh the program, which has seen its audience erode since its founding co-host Charlie Rose was fired in November 2017 over sexual harassment allegations.

What is the music played on CBS Sunday Morning?

Wynton Marsalis recording “Abblasen” for CBS Sunday Morning – Wynton Marsalis Official Website.

Are Monette trumpets worth the money?

Even though Monette trumpets are 5 to 10 times more expensive than other trumpet brands, their quality is unmatched. They have great intonation, clarity, and tone that is well worth the price.

How did Wynton Marsalis learn to play trumpet?

Hirt volunteered to give him one and, thus, Wynton – at the age of six – received his first trumpet. Marsalis began his classical training at age 12. By 17, he was studying at Julliard and gigging as part of Art Blakey’s legendary big band, The Jazz Messengers.

What is the song on CBS morning?

Wynton Marsalis recording “Abblasen” for CBS Sunday Morning – Wynton Marsalis Official Website.

Who was the singer on CBS This Morning Saturday?

pianist Neal Francis
Chicago-based singer-songwriter-pianist Neal Francis appeared on CBS This Morning’s “Saturday Sessions” today, performing “Can’t Stop The Rain,” “Problems,” and “Alameda Apartments” from his critically acclaimed latest album, In Plain Sight (ATO).

How much is a new Monette trumpet?

A brand-new Monette trumpet that is the best in the line could cost up to $50,000. This is much more expensive than a typical professional trumpet. A standard professional trumpet starts at around $2,500. Monette trumpets generally have a price range of $10,000 to $20,000.

Are Monette trumpets worth it?

Monette trumpets are very high quality, and some professional players say that they are worth the price. Wynton Marsalis, a renowned trumpet player, played on a Monette PRANA 3 STC. He thought it was well-balanced, centered, and harmonized. According to Marsalis, Monette trumpets are easy to play.

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