Which districts comes under East Godavari?

Which districts comes under East Godavari?

The District consisting of 7 Revenue Divisions viz., Kakinada, Rajamahendravaram, Peddapuram, Rampachodavaram, Amalapuram, Ramachandrapuram and Yetapaka.

How many villages are there in Kapileswarapuram Mandal?

15 villages
Kapileswarapuram Mandal is one of the 22 mandals in Konaseema district of Andhra Pradesh. As per census 2011, there are 15 villages.

Which district is konaseema?

Konaseema district is a district between the tributaries of Godavari river in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was carved out of East Godavari district on 4 April 2022 by Y.S….

Konaseema district
Formed 4 April 2022
Founded by Government of Andhra Pradesh
Named for [[]]
Headquarters Amalapuram

Which state is East Godavari?

Andhra PradeshEast Godavari / State

How many villages are there in East Godavari?

East Godavari District is having 271 Villages covering 19 Mandals.

How many villages are in AP State?

Sl. No. District No. of Village Panchayats
20. Warangal 1014
21. West Godavari 888
22. Y.S.R. 800
TOTAL 21843

Why it is called konaseema?

Konaseema is famous for its scenic greenery and vedic scholars. The origin of the name may be from Telugu word “Kona” meaning corner which resembles its shape. The northern side is bounded by Gautami Godavari and southern side is bounded by Vasista Godavari. It is one of most fertile lands present in Coromandel Coast.

Which is the state of Rajahmundry?

Andhra PradeshRajamahendravaram / State

Which is the big district in Andhra Pradesh?

Prakasam is the largest district in area while Visakhapatnam is the smallest. Nellore is the most populous whereas Parvathipuram Manyam is the least populous district. The districts are further divided into two or more revenue divisions and mandals for administrative purposes.

What is the state of Vijayawada?

Andhra PradeshVijayawada / State

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