Where is Disney Channel auditions located?

Where is Disney Channel auditions located?

Convince your parents to drop everything and take you to Burbank, California; where The Disney Channel Headquarters are located. Secure a meeting with Judy Taylor, VP of Casting for The Disney Channel.

How do you get an acting job on Disney Channel?

How to Get on the Disney Channel as an Actor

  1. Take classes and continue to work on your craft.
  2. Prepare 30-60 seconds of a song that showcases your voice (if you’re a singer)
  3. Let your personality shine.
  4. Work hard and stay focused on your dream.
  5. Keep an eye out for Disney Channel open calls near you.

How much do Disney auditions cost?

At the end of their statement, Disney said: Disney Channel holds one open audition a year and it’s held in various cities. The auditions are promoted as “official Disney Channel open casting calls” on our website and there is never a fee and no contract – no payment to anyone for anything related to this audition.

How do I contact Disney for auditions?

  1. Visit Checkin.disneyauditions.com.
  2. Select the audition: “Disneyland Resort – ONLINE SUBMISSIONS: Character Look-Alikes for the role of DORA MILAJE”
  3. Take your selfie to complete the submission process.
  4. You are all set. There is no need to submit more than once.

How much do teenage actors get paid?

For one day, the base rate is $1,030 for either a half-hour or one-hour show. For a week the rate is $3,575. Usually, a young person starting out will make one of those rates, scale payment, plus an added 10% for commission due to their agent.

How do I get into acting at 12?

The best place to find auditions and casting calls for kids is through an online casting platform like Backstage, at least at first. Once a child actor has secured representation, their agent will have direct connections to casting directors and can submit them for bigger roles with major networks and studios.

  • July 31, 2022