Where is Bangkorai werewolf shrine?

Where is Bangkorai werewolf shrine?

The Werewolf Ritual Site is a sacred place to Hircine just northeast of the Viridian Woods. It is located before the end of the waterfall, The ritual site is used for players that wish to become a werewolf.

How do you use the werewolf shrine in eso?

How do I use the Werewolf ability to turn another player?

  1. Make sure you have your Ultimate Ability “Werewolf Transformation” slotted and ready to go and turn yourself into a Werewolf.
  2. Place the target reticule over your desired target and you should see the “Press X Key” to devour.

How do I start the werewolf quest in eso?

If you can’t find a Werewolf here at night to infect you, instead look for an NPC named Thoreki in Evermore, Rawl’kha, or Riften. Talking to him starts the Werewolf questline without paying Crowns or interacting with other players.

Where is the werewolf ritual site?

You can find the ritual site in the zone around level 40. This is Bangkorai for Daggerfall Covenant, Reaper’s Marsh for Aldmeri Dominion, and Rift for Ebonheart Pact. There is no level requirement to get the disease, but the quest is level 42 and the enemies you fight are around that level.

Where do I go to get bitten by a werewolf in eso?

The easiest way is to be bitten by another player is at one of the game’s Werewolf Shrines. These are located in Reaper’s March, The Rift and Bangkorai, see the maps below for their exact locations.

How do I start the werewolf quest in Skyrim?

Skyrim Guide – How to Become a Werewolf

  1. When you’ve completed the “Proving Honor” portion of The Companions quests, talk to Skjor at the Companions’ headquarters, the Jorrvaskr meadhouse in Whiterun.
  2. Wait until night, then head to the Underforge.
  3. When inside the Underforge, tell Skjor you’re ready to start the ritual.

Where do I get bitten by a werewolf in eso?

To contract the disease you can either: Be bitten by a Werewolf mob in your Alliance’s level 30-40 zone (Reapers March for the Aldmeri Dominion, Bangkorai for the Daggerfall Covenant, and The Rift for the Ebonheart Pact). Once bitten, you’ll need to go to a nearby Wayshrine to start the quest Hircine’s Gift.

Where can I find Werewolves?

The “eastern” werewolf-vampire is found in the folklore of Central and Eastern Europe, including Hungary, Romania and the Balkans, while the “western” werewolf-sorcerer is found in France, German-speaking Europe and in the Baltic.

How do I become a werewolf again without AELA?

No, you can’t be a werewolf again. Aela only has the option to turn you back once. You had to get rid of it to become a vampire, then you got it again and cured it again. Aela only turns you into one on two occasions.

  • September 21, 2022