What was Wrestlemania 26 main event?

What was Wrestlemania 26 main event?

WRESTLEMANIA XXVI The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels No Disqualification/Career Threatening Match
WRESTLEMANIA XXVII The Miz (Champ) vs John Cena No Disqualification/WWE Championship
WRESTLEMANIA 29 John Cena vs The Rock (Champ) WWE Championship

Who won wrestlemania 26?

The match came to an end after Cena reversed a Batista Bomb into an STF. Batista eventually submitted. Cena won the match and the WWE Championship, making him a nine-time World champion.

Who did Randy Orton face at Wrestlemania 26?

Ted Dibiase
John Cena would beat Batista in a very close match at Wrestlemania 26 to prevail the animal and win for his brand, Monday Night Raw. Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase: The Legacy have been dominating Raw for the past year or so. Randy Orton helped Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes elevate to a whole new level.

Who did Undertaker fight at Wrestlemania 26?

Michaels agreed to it and it became The Streak vs. The Career. The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania was 17-0 at this point. The video package for this match is my second favorite ever (after Austin/Rock from WrestleMania 17).

Why was Orton mad at Kofi?

We later found out why, with various reports suggesting that Kingston botched the finish of the match, which upset Orton. Kofi was supposed to stay down, allowing Orton to hit his signature ‘Punt Kick’, but the former got up too soon, and Orton wasn’t best pleased.

Why was Randy Orton angry at Kofi Kingston?

However, his feud with Kofi Kingston in 2009 was derailed after Orton yelled at Kingston on live television for botching a spot during their match. Kofi Kingston was set to get a massive push in 2009 after he impressed Vince Mcmahon with his promo on RAW.

Did Undertaker hurt his knee WrestleMania 26?

The WWE superstars started to apply their signature moves from the very beginning and The Undertaker injured his knee while landing an Old School on Shawn Michaels. However, The Phenom still managed to stay relevant in the fight as he kept mauling HBK.

  • August 4, 2022