What transmission will fit a Ford 302?

What transmission will fit a Ford 302?

For years, the Ford C-4 automatic was a reliable three-speed automatic transmission for many Ford products, and is fine for most 289, 302 or 351 engines that have received modest modifications.

Will an LS bolt up to a Turbo 400 transmission?

From what I have read in the book of swapping LS engines into any car, yes you can. 1st, the LS1 has one bolt hole missing where the bell housing bolts up, compared to the old small block/big block style engines and trans. So you will have your TH400 with one bell housing bolt not used, but it should still be fine.

Will a 4R70W fit a 302?

The 302 would fit physically, but you’d have to use the entire engine harness and computer that came from that motor, and if you plan to run a 4R70W it would have to have come from a car that had an AODE or 4R70W trans, so that the computer will be able to run that too.

What engines fit a C6 transmission?

The C6 was used in trucks and cars with larger engines. Five different bell housing varieties exist for use with various Ford engine families: The Windsor pattern was used on the 300 I6, the Ford Windsor engines and the 351 Cleveland. The 460 pattern was used on the 351M and 400 and all of the Ford “385” engines.

Can you mate any engine with any transmission?

Yes, in theory. It is theoretically possible to match any engine with another transmission by using a custom adapter plate. It is likely that you will shred the transmission very quickly if you mismatch the power ratings of the two (massive V8 to a manual transmission of a 90’s Civic).

What Motors bolt up to a 4R70W?

– A 4R70W or AODE from behind any 5.0 (302) or V6 3.8L Mustang or V6 4.2L F150 will bolt up/work behind any 289/302/5.0/351W/351C/5.8L.

Which transmission is better C4 or C6?

While both are used by hot rod and drag racers enthusiasts, the C6 has gained favoritism when it comes to offroad driving. The C4 is not quite suitable for off-road since it cannot handle as much power as the C6 and as such, it was mostly used in cars and not trucks.

How hard is a manual swap?

Expertise – It is not impossible to convert your automatic transmission into a manual one, but it can be extremely complex. It requires experience with mechanics and you will need to have the right tools on hand that goes beyond the average tool box.

Does the transmission have to match the engine?

In practice, the characteristics of the engine dominate, and the characteristics of the transmission have to be “adapted” to match. The transmission mediates between the engine and the road surface; it adapts the traction available to the power required, ensuring the desired performance.

  • August 18, 2022