What short courses does Damelin offer?

What short courses does Damelin offer?

Short Programme in Business Management

  • Business Management.
  • Business Administration.
  • Marketing Management.
  • Entrepreneurship.

What courses are in Damelin?

Damelin Higher Education and Training Courses

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Business Management (HEQSF Aligned)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (HEQSF Aligned)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Information Management (HEQSF Aligned)
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management (HEQSF Aligned)

How much is Damelin application fee?

The referred student is required to pay the registration fee of R1100 as well as the full deposit, stipulated in the fee schedule for the Referee to qualify for the R1000 cashback deposit. 18.3. This promotion is only applicable to currently registered Full-Time students who are studying at Damelin in 2022. 18.4.

Does Damelin offer full-time courses?

Interested in pursuing your dream course at Damelin College? You can enjoy quality education at this institution that offers various courses to suit your needs and demands; either on full-time, part-time, or long-distance learning options.

Is Damelin short courses accredited?

Damelin Short Learning Programmes are quality assured and certified by the Damelin Academic Board; they are not registered on the NQF, do not carry any credits and they do they lead to a formal qualification.

Can you study teaching without matric?

You can study teaching without Matric but it would be a different qualification. All Universities that offer teaching require matric or at least a NQF level 4 certificate. You can however do an Education course at a TVET College which requires you to have Grade 9.

Are Damelin short courses accredited?

Can I study at Damelin College without matric?

FET colleges, always known as TVET colleges, allow you to study without matric. It also provides valuable workplace skills through in-classroom learning. … This allows you to gain the basic workplace skills and achieve your NQF Level 4 equivalent.

Is Damelin application still open?

Applications are open until classes commence in the second week of February 2020. Please Note: Payment options are available.

Is Damelin private or public college?

Damelin is a private college founded by Benjamin Damelin in 1943. Damelin has 17 campuses, and is owned by Educor (the Education Investment Corporation Limited) group.

What short courses can I do without matric?

Below are the top courses you can do without matric:

  • Child Day Care Courses.
  • Creche Management Courses.
  • Educare and Child Care Courses.
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Finance Courses.
  • Adult Matric.
  • Beauty Courses.
  • Management Course.
  • Computer.

Does Damelin have NSFAS?

Damelin operates as a private institution which means that students from this institution won’t be funded by NSFAS. Damelin College might have other bursary options for students who show financial need or academic excellence, but NSFAS is not part of that list.

Is Damelin a private or public college?

Can I study with NSFAS at Damelin?

Damelin is a private institution which unfortunately means that Damelin students won’t be able to receive funding from NSFAS. Students who attend Damelin College may have other bursary options to fund their studies.

Where can I study matric for free?

Anyone in South Africa who is 21 years of age and older can obtain a South African adult matric completely free of charge through the Department of Basic Education (DBE). They can study on their own, or enrol in an Adult Matric course at an adult learning centre (ABET).

How can I get my matric fast?

If you need matric certificate fast and other tertiary level qualifications, then join Intec College for distance education in vocational diplomas and technical studies. Matric through UNISA is another popular option.

Can I become a nurse without matric?

Studying nursing without matric is very difficult. If you wish to study at a university it requires matric but, if you take a health course through a TVET college it will equipped with the skills to do nursing. This however requires Grade 9.

Does Damelin have bursary?

The Damelin has a limited number of bursaries; please consult with the Financial Aid/ Bursary office for further assistance. If a student has a bursary from outside, he/she must make sure that he/ she brings a copy of the letter to the Financial Aid/ Bursary office before registration.

  • September 4, 2022