What is the main strip in Denver?

What is the main strip in Denver?

About The 16th Street Mall Built in 1982, the 1.2-mile tree-lined promenade of red and gray granite is Downtown Denver’s main street where nearly 50,000 people ride the RTD Free MallRide shuttle service on a daily basis, and where one million pedestrians visit each month.

What is the center of downtown Denver?

Larimer Square Larimer Square is not just a historic square in Downtown Denver; it’s the original center from where the city sprang to life.

How long is the 16th Street Mall in Denver?

1.25 miles
The 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian and transit mall in Denver, Colorado. The mall, 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) long, runs along 16th Street in downtown Denver, from Wewatta Street (at Union Station) to the intersection of 16th Avenue and Broadway (at Civic Center Station).

Where can I walk in Downtown Denver?

1) Denver City Hall.

  • 2) US Mint Denver Facility.
  • 3) Byers-Evans House Museum (must see)
  • 4) Denver Civic Center Park.
  • 5) Colorado State Capitol (must see)
  • 6) Brown Palace Hotel.
  • 7) Trinity United Methodist Church.
  • 8) 16th Street Mall (must see)
  • How do you explore Downtown Denver?

    Here are our top 10 things to do in downtown Denver:

    1. Hang with the Locals at Union Station. Guests touring with Delicious Denver Food Tours.
    2. Shop the 16th Street Mall.
    3. Take a Food Tour.
    4. Visit the Big Blue Bear.
    5. Stand on the Mile Marker at the Capitol.
    6. Drink a Local Craft Beer.
    7. See a Rockies Game.
    8. Bike the Cherry Creek Trail.

    Where can I walk in downtown Denver?

    How do you explore downtown Denver?

    What part of Denver has the best nightlife?

    Denver’s quintessential nightlife spot, LoDo offers many of the city’s most popular dance clubs and bars. The ideal place to spot-hop, grab a pedicab between drinks to give those tootsies a break. From packed dancing joints to high-end cocktail lounges, LoDo has it all.

    Where is AHOP in Denver?

    10 Best Places to Go Shopping in Denver

    • Denver Pavilions.
    • Cherry Creek Shopping Center.
    • Denver Central Market.
    • 16th Street Mall.
    • Larimer Square.
    • Cherry Creek Fresh Market.
    • Mile High Flea Market.
    • Antique Row.

    How can I spend a day in Denver?


    • 16th Street Mall. The 16th Street Mall is a 1.2 mile long (12 blocks) pedestrian friendly mall in the heart of downtown Denver.
    • Lunch. Since you’re at the mall, try one of the many lunches spots.
    • Pick a Museum.
    • Colorado State Capitol.
    • Denver Public Library.
    • Denver Civic Park.

    What is the nicest part of Denver?

    Here are the top neighborhoods in Denver, CO, in no particular order:

    • Capitol Hill. Denver Capitol Building.
    • Uptown. Uptown, North Capitol Hill, Denver.
    • Highlands. West Highland, Denver.
    • Sloans Lake. Denver’s Sloans Lake from border at Edgewater, CO.
    • Baker.
    • Cherry Creek.
    • Five Points.
    • Washington Park.

    Is Denver Downtown walkable?

    Downtown is the most walkable neighborhood in Denver with a Walk Score of 94. Find apartments in Denver’s most walkable neighborhoods: Downtown, Capitol Hill and Five Points.

    What drink is Denver known for?

    Colorado Beer He opened it in 1988. Denver is one of the top cities in the United States for craft breweries per capita. The Great American Beer Festival, held every fall in Denver and the largest festival of its kind, gives patrons access to more than 3,200 beers from more than 800 breweries from across the country.

    Where can I go at night in Denver?

    Top 10 Best Scenic Night View in Denver, CO

    • Lookout Mountain Park. 14.3 mi. 84 reviews.
    • Cheesman Park. 0.2 mi. 188 reviews.
    • Aspire Tours. 5.4 mi. Bus Tours, Hiking.
    • Millennium Bridge. 2.2 mi. Landmarks & Historical Buildings.
    • Sloan’s Lake Park. 4.4 mi.
    • Skyline Park. 1.6 mi.
    • Red Rocks Amphitheatre. 13.4 mi.
    • Confluence Park. 2.4 mi.

    Is there anything fun to do in Denver?


    • Visit Rocky Mountain National Park.
    • Go on the Denver Foothills Tour to see Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
    • Visit Mount Evans Scenic Byway.
    • Discover Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods.
    • Denver Botanic Gardens.
    • Denver Zoo.
    • Downtown Aquarium.
    • Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
    • August 25, 2022