What is Ifmar ISTC?

What is Ifmar ISTC?

The International Federation of Model Auto Racing (IFMAR) is the world governing body of professional radio controlled car racing….International Federation of Model Auto Racing.

Abbreviation IFMAR
Founded 9 July 1979
President Jeff Parker
Chairman Sander De Graaf (IC) Frank Mostrey (EP)
Official website

What is the RC racing organization in the USA?

National Organization for Racing Radio Controlled Autos.

Do you need a license for RC car?

Well, you don’t need a national license to drive a radio control car – like you would a full size car – whether you’re racing it or not. However, you may need a license from individual organisations which oversee organized rc car racing events in the US.

What does ROAR RC stand for?

Remotely Operated Auto Racers
Remotely Operated Auto Racers (formerly known as Radio Operated Auto Racing), abbreviated as ROAR, is the sanctioning body of competitive radio-controlled car racing in the United States and Canada. It is a US national non profit organization that promotes the sport of radio controlled model car racing.

Can I use my RC car in a park?

In most cases RC Nitro is not allowed in public parks. Its more of a sound factor than anything else. Electric RC’s I have had no problems with at all, but Nitro…… people dont like them and the parks will most likely just kick you out or ask you to put it away.

How much is a ROAR membership?

$35 per year
ROAR has 200 clubs in the US and Canada. These clubs pay only $35 per year to be sanctioned, and to be covered by the member accident and liability insurance. Annual ROAR membership is $35 with an online rule book.

What is ROAR approved?

Typically it mean that R.O.A.R. as a sanctioning body, has approved certain packs for use in racing under R.O.A.R. rules. When it comes to the Lipos, they are adding more and more approved packs all the time.

What is sportsman class in RC racing?

To race more than one class, you have to move up to sportsman. Sportsman – You’re able to get around the track faster and with fewer mistakes. You should know the race line and be able to look ahead and adhere to the rules.

How much money can you win drag racing?


Place Total PS
1 $1,325,000 $250,000
2 265,000 50,000
3 132,500 25,000
4 81,000 15,000

Is RC cars a fun hobby?

For people who have experienced the fun & thrill of driving an RC car, they would understand the adrenaline rush it gives. Remote cars have come a long way over the years. From being a childhood toy, it has now become a world of fun for people irrespective of their age group.

How do RC Cars have fun?

Looking for activities you can do alone or with your friends and family? Try one of these.

  1. Take RC vehicles to a skatepark.
  2. Bring off-road RC cars to a hiking trail or beach.
  3. Visit an RC crawler course.
  4. Explore RC Racing.
  5. Try Mudding.
  6. Make an RC car bowling alley.
  7. Play RC car soccer.
  8. Make your own obstacle course.

What is a 13.5 t motor?

13.5T means ~3,300 RPM. 17.5T means ~2,200 RPM. 21.5T means ~1,800 RPM. So Kv and Turns are essentially the same: both are parameters for the motor.

Are ZEEE Lipos roar approved?

Zeee Lipo Battery 7200mAh 80C 2S 7.4V HardCase with Deans T Plug for RC Car Boat Truck Roar Approved.

  • August 12, 2022