What is a jazz night?

What is a jazz night?

Jazz Night In America is many things. It’s a weekly radio show from three groups that have all made nationally syndicated jazz radio for many years, with an internationally renowned musician as our guide. It’s a weekly concert video webcast from venues across the country.

What makes a good jazz club?

What makes a good jazz club? Intimate atmosphere, friendly relationships between the punters and the venue (one promoter in Scotland even does a ring-round of his regulars to personally invite them to the next gig), good sound, a bar – and above all, a space small enough to offer proximity to the action.

What is a bar in jazz?

In musical notation, a bar (or measure) is a segment of time corresponding to a specific number of beats in which each beat is represented by a particular note value and the boundaries of the bar are indicated by vertical bar lines.

What is jazz Night in America?

Jazz Night In America Jazz Night In America is a public radio program, a video concert documentary series, and an online home for the music, from NPR Music, WBGO and Jazz at Lincoln Center.

What is the most famous jazz club?

Preservation Hall, New Orleans But there is no other place that can transport the audience through time to the very origins of jazz. Since its opening in 1961, Preservation Hall has been so much more than a jazz club.

Who is the target audience for jazz music?

While white audiences outnumber black audiences, the rate of participation for blacks is 50% greater than for whites. And, the jazz audience is young; over two-thirds of the audience is under thirty five. |Listening to music recordings is the most widespread form of jazz music participation.

What is a double barline?

Double bar line: Two side-by-side vertical lines, indicating the end of one section and the beginning of another. Usher Teaches The Art of Performance.

What do you wear to a jazz night?

What to Wear to a Jazz Concert. Jazz concerts typically call for more of a polished look. We recommend pairing a classic LBD with a light jacket to balance crisp and cool (and to keep you warm inside a chillier venue). A fancier blouse with casual trousers will also do the trick.

Where can I listen to jazz night in America?

Jazz Night in America | WBGO.

Does LA have a good jazz scene?

L.A. continues to have one of the strongest jazz scenes in the world. Elder statesmen like Joe LaBarbera (who played in Bill Evans’ trio), legendary guitarist Kenny Burrell and Putter Smith (surely the only person in history to play bass with Thelonious Monk and act in a James Bond film) still live there.

What age listens to jazz?

Demographically, jazz ticket buyers across the 19 communities are middle-aged, predominantly male, and very well educated. On average, only 17% are under age 45, and 80% are white. Perhaps that data, gathered in summer and fall 2010, reflects the nature of the audiences at the institutions where it was collected.

  • August 2, 2022