What happens at the end of the Returned?

What happens at the end of the Returned?

Alcide successfully kidnapped Nathan just as Lucy wanted, and it turns out that the little guy might be the next Victor. This storyline hasn’t exactly paid off over the season, even when, in the finale’s final moment, Lucy drops him off on an unsuspecting families’ doorstep.

Who killed Lucy in the returned?

In a flashback it is revealed that Milan killed Lucy 35 years earlier.

Who is the boy in the returned?

For some reason, Victor — whose real name was Louis — possesses the power to cause other people to see visions, including the way other people have died. Victor ends up developing a deep mother/son-like bond with Julie, and the relationship is very sweet.

Who killed Lucy storyline?

The storyline reached a peak during EastEnders Live Week on 19 February 2015, the show’s 30th anniversary episode, during which Lucy’s 10-year-old half-brother, Bobby, is revealed to have killed her following a confrontation at home.

Is there a part 2 of The Returned?

The Returned series 2 arrives on More4 in the UK tonight, Friday the 16th of October. We spoke to its creators and cast… Fabrice Gobert, the French creator of supernatural drama The Returned, speaks good English. An inevitability of using a second language though, is the odd grammatical slip.

How old is Lena Les Revenants?

In the French series, Léna is 17 years old. In the US remake, Lena is 20. Yara Pilartz plays Camille in Les revenants.

What did Bobby do to Lucy?

But while the whole Square was a suspect, Bobby was finally revealed as the murderer in February 2015 during the live episode for EastEnders’ 30th anniversary. It turned out he’d hit Lucy around the head with a music box before confessing his crime to step mum Jane.

How many seasons does the returned have?

2The Returned / Number of seasons

How old is Camille The Returned?

Camille Séguret

John Stones
Position centre back -no nonsense Daughter of Claire Séguret and Jérôme Séguret Student (former) Center half
Age 25 (at time of death) when Jordan Pickford bottled him in the changing rooms
Status lacking 4 chromosones
Physical attributes

How old is Camille in Les Revenants?

In the French series, Camille is 14 years old. In the US remake, she is 16. Frédéric Pierrot plays Jérôme in Les revenants.

How is gender represented in the returned?

Representations of gender: Women/ Femininity as passive and emotional in The Returned. They perform roles related to nurturing and domesticity. In the early scenes of the episode Sandrine announces her pregnancy, thanks Pierre and heralds it as a way of healing the past.

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