What happened to actor Jared Rushton?

What happened to actor Jared Rushton?

In 2000, following nearly a decade of scattered television appearances, Rushton retired from acting to pursue a career in music.

What movies has Jared Rushton been in?

Big1988Overboard1987A Cry in the Wild1990Pet Sematary II1992Honey, I Shrunk the Kids1989Pet Sematary1989
Jared Rushton/Appears in

How old was Jared Rushton in big?

48 years (March 3, 1974)Jared Rushton / Age

Who plays Billy in big?

Jared Rushton
Jared Rushton, Billy Kopecki Then: Jared Rushton, a child actor who got his start in a Barbie commercial, played Billy, Josh’s friend. Rushton dyed his hair red for the part. Now: Following the success of ‘Big,’ Rushton appeared on ‘Murder, She Wrote’ and three episodes of ‘Roseanne.

What happened to Billy from Big?

Jared Rushton (Billy Kopecki) In addition to Big, the 42-year-old’s acting credits include Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Overboard and Roseanne. He is now the guitarist in the rock band Deal by Dusk.

Who was chip on Roseanne?

Roseanne (TV Series 1988–2018) – Jared Rushton as Chip Lang – IMDb.

When was big made?

June 3, 1988Big / Initial release

How old was Tom Hanks when filming big?

Tom Hanks was 32 while Elizabeth Perkins was 28 while filming.

How old is Elizabeth Perkins?

61 years (November 18, 1960)Elizabeth Perkins / Age

What happened to Nick szalinski?

That night, they sleep in one of Nick’s Legos, with Ron and Nick specifically sharing an area to tease Amy and Russ. During the night, they are attacked by a scorpion but are saved when Antie takes on it, though he dies of its poison.

What is Billy Boyd doing?

Billy Boyd (Pippin Took) The Scottish actor, who shares son Jack with wife Alison McKinnon, went on to appear in films like Seed of Chucky, Pimp and Macbeth. His TV credits include Outlander, Empty and The Witches of Oz. He has fronted the band Beecake since 2006.

Who played Chip Russell on Major Dad?

Rod Brogan
Major Dad (TV Series 1989–1993) – Rod Brogan as Chip Russell, Chip – IMDb.

How old was Tom Hanks when filming Big?

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