What frequency is radio Ukraine?

What frequency is radio Ukraine?

Dnepropetrovsk on 913 kHz with 10 Kw power.

Which country shut down FM radio?

Norway has become the world’s first country to shutdown the Frequency Modulation (FM) radio broadcasting network and started its’ switching to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) that offers a wider range of broadcasting options and greater sound quality.

Are there any English speaking radio stations in Ukraine?

Radio Free Ukraine broadcasts news, weather, sports and music in Ukrainian and English live from Ukraine. Radio Free Ukraine broadcasts news, weather, sports and music in Ukrainian and English live from Ukraine.

What is Ukraine FM?

Kraina FM (Ukrainian: Країна ФМ) — Ukraine’s first all-Ukrainian-language radio, broadcast in 26 cities in Ukraine and online prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. It appeared from «Radio EU» November 9, 2016. Oleh Skrypka works as one of radio broadcasters.

How many radio stations are in Ukraine?

There are 27 radio stations in Ukraine.

Why has Norway banned FM?

According to the Ministry of Culture, the decision was justified because transmitting through the FM network was eight times more expensive than transmitting through digital audio broadcasting, and because only five national radio stations are transmitting on FM, compared to the 42 digital radio stations allocated in …

Which country banned FM radio for the first time?

OSLO — Norway opened a chapter in telecommunications history on Wednesday, becoming the first country to cease FM radio broadcasting. The switch, to digital broadcasting, is intended to save money, but critics are worried about the effect on drivers and listeners of small radio stations.

How can I listen to Sputnik radio?

You can listen to live online radio from Radio Sputnik for free. Click a button below to listen now in your browser. Apps: we may also list official apps to help you tune in on Radio Sputnik’s page.

Is Radio Moscow still on shortwave?

Voice of Russia — former “Radio Moscow” — to End Shortwave Broadcasts. Voice of Russia (VOR), the former Radio Moscow during the USSR era, will cease shortwave broadcasts as of January 1, 2014.

How many radio stations are there in Russia?

Currently there are 38 national networks and over 450 local stations in Russia, using over 7900 FM and 30 MW active transmitters. Primary language on radio is Russian with minority-language stations in some of the republics.

Will FM radio be phased out in UK?

Support for the FM switch off in the UK is limited. In July 2020, provided the stations also broadcast on digital radio, UK government has decided to allow Ofcom to renew analogue FM and AM licences for a further ten-year period.

Why FM is banned in Norway?

Is radio Sputnik in English?

Sputnik operates news websites, featuring reporting and commentary, in 31 languages including English, Spanish, Polish and Serbian. The websites house over 800 hours of radio broadcasting material each day, and its newswire service runs a 24/7 service.

Are there still shortwave radio stations?

It was widely used during the 20th century, when virtually every country had several stations broadcasting via shortwave to the international public. Some of these are still operational, such as the BBC World Service, Voice of America and Radio France Internationale, among many others.

Do Russians have short wave radio?

Shortwave is old technology, but folks at WRMI will tell you there are plenty of shortwave radios in Russia and Eastern Europe. Most importantly, “Shortwave is known as crisis radio and in times of crisis people will look to their shortwave radio and start tuning around,” White said.

Is the BBC allowed in Russia?

The BBC is to resume English language reporting in Russia after it had temporarily suspended its coverage to assess the implications of the country’s new media law.

What is the most popular radio station in Moscow?

Avtoradio had the highest share of daily radio audience reach in Moscow from June to August 2020, measured at over 11 percent. The second highest figure was recorded for Europa Plus at 9.5 percent.

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