What does Vs first Love smell like?

What does Vs first Love smell like?

The heart of this fragrance combines two delicate first blooms of spring: budding Violet Leaf and Lily of the Valley. Pure and “green” in scent, these notes mix with soft, Sheer Musk for a skin-hugging and effortless feel. First Love amplifies your natural sensuality, so you smell like you, only better.

What does I Love Love smell like?

I Love is a very optimistic scent, bursting with love, sun and bright colors. Fresh and sparkly, yet balmy bouquet opens with notes of citruses and red fruits. The heart introduces fresh flowers: lily of the valley, bulrush, tea rose and cinnamon leaves. The dry down is woody and musky: Tanaka wood, musk and cedar.

What does Van Cleef first smell like?

The sweet florals of the heart linger, cradled by the sandalwood, musk and amber of the base. The drydown is stunning, with the spicy sandalwood offset by the sweetness of the vanilla and amber. Jasmine lovers — take note. “First is about jasmine,” says Ellena in Perfume Legends.

What does Love by Victoria’s Secret smell like?

Apricot Blush, a petally floral, is the romantic heart of the fragrance. Love’s iconic signature comes from our exclusive Boyfriend Tee accord.

What was the first Victoria’s Secret fragrance?

Ever since Victoria’s Secret successfully launched its first perfume line, Dream Angels, the collection has been updated regularly with limited editions and flankers.

Is love Moschino same as Moschino?

The difference between Love Moschino and Moschino is that Love Moschino’s designs are more playful and daring, described by many as ‘cheeky’. The brand is as aspirational as the fashion house but at a more accessible price. Love Moschino targets a younger audience but with the same style and character as Moschino.

What perfume is similar to First by Van Cleef and Arpels?

Van Cleef & Arpels. First.

  • Hermès. 24 Faubourg.
  • Yves Saint Laurent. Cinéma.
  • Guerlain. Shalimar Parfum Initial.
  • Guerlain. L’Heure Bleue Eau de Parfum.
  • Cartier. La Panthere.
  • Cacharel. LouLou.
  • Givenchy. Ysatis.
  • Is first perfume still made?

    The oldest of their perfumes still in production is their Acqua di Colognia which was first bottled in 1533 by the Dominican friars that ran the apothecary. This perfume was created for Catherine de’ Medici and the main notes are rose and citrus.

    What is Victoria’s Secret best selling perfume?

    Bombshell is the top-selling Victoria’s Secret scent, and for good reason. The fruity-floral is a blend of citrus, Brazilian purple passion fruit, Madagascan vanilla orchid, and Italian pine, resulting in a bright, confident, sunshine-y fragrance.

    Is Love Moschino high end brand?

    While Love Moschino is a premium brand coming from a line of distinct fearless designs of the Moschino luxury brand, the label intends to make it an affordable alternative versus its luxury Moschino mother brand. It is not to say it is a cheap brand.

    Does Pink Sugar smell like cotton candy?

    It is, as advertised, very reminiscent of cotton candy. The early dry down is approachable, if still far too sweet for my personal taste.

    • August 4, 2022