What does the knob on the left side of a scope do?

What does the knob on the left side of a scope do?

This allows you to bring the reticle into focus with the target. Many scopes have parallax adjustment, either an external knob on the left side of the body tube or a rotating ring on the objective bell.

What is the third adjustment on a scope?

parallax adjustment dial
The third turret is the parallax adjustment dial. It is mounted on the opposite side of the scope from the windage dial. Parallax occurs when the reticle and the target are not on the same focal plane. It causes the reticle or the target to appear blurry.

What does up and down mean on a scope?

Adjusting a scope up and down and right and left is called adjusting for elevation and windage. Scopes have elevation and windage turrets. The top turret adjusts the windage — right to left — and the turret on the side adjusts your elevation — up and down. By adjusting the two turrets, you sight your scope in.

What does AO stand for on a scope?

Adjustable Objective (AO) rifle scopes are designed to allow the shooter to focus on the target.

What does 25 yard parallax mean?

The parallax “error” only becomes one if your head position is inconsistent. Furthermore, parallaxed at 25 and target at 10 means that the holdover (most likely hold under in this case) has a -MUCH- greater influence than the crosshair being not exactly in plane…

Does parallax affect accuracy?

At close distances, parallax does not effect accuracy. At 100 yards parallax maximum error of accuracy is 2/10-inch. But with these days’ higher magnification scopes up to 18x and more, and the fact some of us shoot beyond 300 yards, parallax can indeed come into play if not corrected or properly set.

Is Ao the same as parallax?

Now we know that AO means a scope has parallax adjustment, but what is that? Well, the reticle in a scope is closer to your eye than the target. So if you don’t place your sighting eye at the same place each time you look through the scope, the reticle will appear to move just a little, in relation to the target.

At what distance does parallax matter?

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