What does border mean in theatre?

What does border mean in theatre?

BORDER – Cloth, scenery pieces, canvas or any material used to mask the upper portion of the stage area. Also called teasers or valances.

What is the border of a stage called?

The front curtain, also called house curtain, act curtain, grand drape, main drape, main curtain, proscenium curtain, main rag or, in the UK, tabs, hangs downstage, just behind the proscenium arch. It is typically opened and closed during performances to reveal or conceal the stage and scenery from the audience.

What is the audience area of a theatre called?

The auditorium (also known as the house) is where the audience sits to watch the performance. The seating may be at one or more levels depending on the size and type of theatre.

What is a theatre called with audience on three sides?

Thrust theatre
Thrust theatre: A Stage surrounded by audience on three sides. The Fourth side serves as the background. In a typical modern arrangement: the stage is often a square or rectangular playing area, usually raised, surrounded by raked seating.

What is a border curtain theatre?

“Borders” are short and wide theatre curtains spanning a stage’s width. Borders block the scenery and lights in the fly loft. Like legs and other theatre curtains, borders are constructed from a heavy material that blocks the intense theatre lights. Borders frame the top of the theatre scene.

What is the difference between wings and borders?

The difference between wings and borders is that: wings are set parallel to the front of the stage in a series from front to back while borders are hung above each set of wings.

What are the parts of a theater called?

Theatres are divided into two main sections, the house and the stage; there is also a backstage area in many theatres. The house is the seating area for guests watching a performance and the stage is where the actual performance is given.

What stage type has audience on all four sides?

arena stage
An end on stage has audiences on a single side, a thrust stage has audiences on three sides and an arena stage features audiences on all four sides.

What are the curtains around a stage called?

Stage curtains (or drapes) are large pieces of fabric or cloth used to close specific areas of the stage off from the audience’s view. There are many different types of stage curtains, including the front curtain, masking, cross-stage and backdrop curtains.

What is the frame around a traditional end on set called?

A proscenium arch creates a “window” around the scenery and performers. The advantages are that it gives everyone in the audience a good view because the performers need only focus on one direction rather than continually moving around the stage to give a good view from all sides.

What is back of stage called?

Backstage. The area behind the set or off the stage that’s not seen by the audience.

What are the different parts of a theatre called?

Lesson Content

  • Center Stage. The area that’s exactly in the middle of the acting area on the stage.
  • Downstage. The area of the stage that’s closer to the audience.
  • Upstage. The area of the stage that’s farthest away from the audience.
  • Stage Left/Stage Right. The areas of the stage that are to the actor’s left and right.
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