What does backhaul mean in shipping?

What does backhaul mean in shipping?

The return trip of a commercial truck that is transporting freight back from the current destination to its point of origin.

What is a backhaul load in trucking?

A backhaul is a load that a commercial trucker takes on a return trip. So if you drove a load from New York to California, rather than driving back with an empty truck, you could pick up a backhaul from California to either New York or somewhere in between.

What is fronthaul and backhaul in shipping?

The otherwise regular trucking strategy for freight delivery is one way – from point A to point B. This movement of load from point of departure to that of the destination is called Fronthaul. On the other hand, when trucks bring in load on their journey back – from point B to point A – its called backhauling.

What is backhaul used for?

The term backhaul is often used in telecommunications and refers to transmitting a signal from a remote site or network to another site, usually a central one. Backhaul usually implies a high-capacity line, meaning high-speed lines capable of transmitting high bandwidth at very fast speeds.

What is deadheading in trucking?

If a truck doesn’t have a trailer attached, it’s a deadhead truck in trucking terminology. It means that the driver dropped off a load and is on their way to pick up another load or headed home without a load. When driving without cargo, drivers lose money.

How does FedEx use blockchain?

Fedex Launches Pilot Project FedEx has a pilot project under way using blockchain to share shipment information among suppliers, FedEx and retailers, and determine what data needs to be stored in a permanent ledger to ease customer disputes.

How does DHL use blockchain?

DHL and Accenture created a blockchain-based serialization prototype with nodes in six geographies to track pharmaceuticals across the supply chain. The ledger tracking these medicines may be shared with stakeholders, including manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals, and doctors.

  • September 28, 2022