What comics is Nova in?

What comics is Nova in?

Nova (Richard Rider) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics….Nova (Richard Rider)

Textless cover of Nova #1 (June 2007). Art by Adi Granov.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Man Called Nova #1 (September 1976)

How much is a Nova comic book worth?

Note: First appearance of Nova. 36 pages, full color. Cover price $0.30….Nova (1976 1st Series) comic books.

$110 Nova #1 CGC 5.5 Marvel Comics 1976 1st Appearance Richard Rider & Ginger Jaye
$395 Nova #1 CGC 9.4 White Pages Origin & 1st appearance of Nova Marvel 1976 MCU
$400 1976 Marvel Comics The Man Called Nova #1 1st Appearance Richard Rider CGC 9.2

How old is Nova in the comics?

Fictional character biography Sam Alexander is a thirteen-year-old living in Carefree, Arizona, with his father, mother, and little sister. His father is always drunk and often talks about his supposed life as a Nova Centurion, and shirks his duties as janitor at his son’s school.

Is Nova similar to Captain Marvel?

However, it features quite a few underrated non-Earth heroes as well. Two of those heroes are Captain Marvel and quite possibly one of the best underrated comic heroes there is, Richard Rider, AKA, Nova. These two cosmic space heroes are very similar at first look but have a lot of differences when one looks closer.

How many Novas are there in Marvel?

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teases the MCU will have two versions of Nova with Richard Rider and Sam Alexander considered for the future. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teases two versions of Nova will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

How old is Nova Marvel?

Group Affiliation: Champions of Xandar. Base Of Operations: Long Island, NY. Height: 5’9” Weight: 145 lbs. Age: 17 as the series begins.

Is Nova Mexican marvel?

A truly powerful hero in the Marvel Universe who might surprise fans to know is partly Hispanic is Sam Alexander, the youngest hero to become Nova.

Who is Nova’s love interest?

Richard Rider (Earth-616)

What is Nova weakness?

Nova’s Weakness Is Tied to His Greatest Power First amongst these is that they’ve altered his physical state of being. On a molecular level, Nova no longer resembles the person he once was or even a human being, really.

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