What are the different types of cam and groove fittings?

What are the different types of cam and groove fittings?

Types and sizes

  • Type A or Type I: adapter (male end) with female thread, e.g. BSP or NPT.
  • Type B or Type VII: coupler (female end) with male thread, e.g. BSP or NPT.
  • Type C or Type VI: coupler with shank (hose barb)
  • Type D or Type V: coupler with female thread.
  • Type E or Type II: adapter with shank.

What is a cam and groove coupling?

Cam and groove fittings and gaskets are hose couplings that connect or disconnect pipe, tubing, or hose without tools. Cam and groove fittings, also known as camlock couplings, consist of a grooved male adapter and a female cam with handles or arms.

What are camlock fittings?

Camlock fittings—also called cam and groove couplings—are sturdy connectors used to join hoses or pipes. These couplings are distinguished by their ease of use. Unlike many high-performance couplings, camlock fittings install rapidly with no tools required.

What is a Gator lock?

Made in the USA, the GatorLock fitting by Green Leaf is a patented positive-locking system. Designed to keep the arms of the coupling from unintentionally opening during operation due to vibration from a pump or transport, this safety feature makes it one of our most popular fittings.

Do camlock fittings leak?

Camlock fittings are widely used in every industry to provide quick bonding between pipes and hoses. They are economical and don’t need any additional tools to deal with. Their male adapter and female coupler mating provide a quick leak-free seal.

What is camlock coupler?

Camlock couplings facilitate the transfer of commodities between two hoses or pipes. They are also called cam and groove couplings. They are simple to connect and disconnect, requiring no tools.

How do you measure cam and groove fittings?

How to Measure a Camlock Fitting

  1. Female camlock size is determined by measuring the open end or inside diameter of the female camlock.
  2. Male camlock size is determined by measuring the outside diameter of the male camlock.

How do you size a camlock fitting?

Are all Camlocks same size?

Camlock fittings are available in many sizes as they are used in almost every crowded industry like sanitary, pharmaceuticals, labs, and construction, etc.

How do you attach a hose to PVC pipe?

Use an adapter with a slip connection that fits the pipe and 3/4-inch pipe threads on the other end.) Apply PVC glue to the outside of the pipe and inside of the adapter. Slip the adapter onto the pipe and twist it 1/4 turn. (Note: Do this immediately — the glue sets quickly.

What happens if I use PVC glue on CPVC?

A: yes. The solvent cement will work on the piping. We recommend the use of the correct Weld-On primer and PVC solvent cement for the particular application.

  • August 24, 2022