Should I disable Prefetch and Superfetch SSD?

Should I disable Prefetch and Superfetch SSD?

Contrary to many blog posts, disabling Prefetch and SuperFetch for SSD drives is actually unnecessary. It IS true that Prefetch and SuperFetch won´t provide a huge advantage for starting applications from SSD drives, as they are fast anyway. In this respect one could actually switch off the service.

Do I need Prefetch with an SSD?

Prefetch is responsible for ensuring that frequently used data is stored at the “front” of the hard drive. Superfetch stores frequently used data & programs directly in RAM. Both are unnecessary for SSDs due to their superior read speed.

Is it OK to stop Superfetch?

Is it safe to disable Superfetch? Yes! There is no risk of side effects if you decide to turn it off. We recommend that if your system is running well, leave it on.

Does Windows 7 have Superfetch?

SuperFetch was introduced in Windows Vista and has been retained in Windows 7. It manages the use of data cached in RAM to ensure quick access to it when needed, thus reducing the amount of times that data is loaded directly from the hard drive (which has significantly longer access times).

Should I delete Superfetch?

You should disable Superfetch if you notice that it’s increasing CPU usage, eating up RAM, or throwing your hard disk into overdrive. With Superfetch overusing disk resources, it could cause a noticeable drop in your computer’s speed and performance. This can happen even if you’re using an SSD instead of an older HDD.

What happens if you disable Superfetch?

Is Superfetch necessary?

How do I enable Superfetch in Windows 7?

Start the service by going to the Windows Orb (Start) > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. Scroll down to Superfetch, double-click it and change the Startup type to Automatic and click Start to immediately turn it on.

Is it safe to delete prefetch files in Windows 7?

Yes, you can delete everything in Prefetch folder. These are cached files that contain information about the environment and applications you run.

What happens if I disable Superfetch?

  • August 16, 2022