How much is parking at the Horton Grand Hotel San Diego?

How much is parking at the Horton Grand Hotel San Diego?

Non-smoking facility. Valet parking is $48 with unlimitted in and out privleges. Transient day parking $25.

What was the Horton Grand Hotel built on?

the Innsbruck Inn
Built in 1887 by Comstock & Trotsche, the Grand Horton was a luxury hotel with a design based on the Innsbruck Inn in Vienna, Austria.

How many rooms does the Horton Grand Hotel have?

The Horton Grand Hotel’s 108 guest rooms are individually decorated in a traditional style that reflects the hotel’s origins.

Where did Wyatt Earp stay in San Diego?

He was listed as a capitalist (gambler) in the San Diego City Directory in 1887 and among his other winnings, he won a race horse. Wyatt also lived for a time in The Grand Horton, now known at the Horton Grand Hotel located on 4th and Island Avenues.

When was the Horton Grand built?

Opened in 1886, the Grand Horton Hotel was an elegant, ornate Italianate Victorian structure built by German immigrant Peter Mayerhofer in his desire to replicate the Innsbruck Hotel in Austria. It was constructed by prominent San Diego architects Comstock and Trotsche.

What bar did Wyatt Earp own?

Earp leased four saloons and gambling halls in San Diego, the most famous was his Oyster Bar located in the Louis Bank of Commerce on Fifth Avenue.

Where are Wyatt Earp’s ashes?

the Hills of Eternity Cemetery
Since he had agreed to be buried in Josie’s family plot despite not being Jewish himself, Earp’s ashes were taken to Colma, California and interred in the Jewish section of the Hills of Eternity Cemetery.

How many saloons were in Tombstone?

Tombstone was home to more than 100 saloons, a multitude of eateries, a huge red-light district, a larger popular of Chinese, newspapers, churches, schools, and one of the original Arizona community swimming pools, which is still being used today.

Is The Sons of Katie Elder based on a true story?

Historical basis. The film was roughly based on the 1888 true story of the five Marlow Brothers (George H., Boone, Alfred, Lewellyn, and Charles) of Graham, Texas, in Young County, and Marlow, Oklahoma (then Indian Territory).

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