How much is a OG zapdos worth?

How much is a OG zapdos worth?

Zapdos #16 Pokemon Base Set

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2022-06-10 Pokemon TCG 1999 ZAPDOS Base Set Unlimited HOLO Rare 16/102 WOTC Vintage JE65 $13.50
2022-06-09 Pokémon TCG Zapdos Base Set 16/102 Holo Unlimited Holo Rare 16/102 $6.90
2022-06-09 Zapdos 16/102 Holo *EXC Condition* Base Set Pokemon Card 1999 WOTC Unlimited $36.05

What is zapdos first edition worth?

Zapdos #16 Pokemon Base Set

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2022-06-04 Pokemon 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Zapdos – PSA 8 – THICK STAMP $591.00
2022-05-11 1999 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Zapdos ⚡️Pokemon Base Set Card PSA 8 $700.00
2022-05-06 1st edition shadowless zapdos psa 8 $550.00

Who did the original Pokemon artwork?

Even if you don’t recognize the name of artist Mitsuhiro Arita, you’ve almost certainly seen his work. He’s been illustrating Pokémon Trading Card Game cards for more than 20 years—ever since the very first cards were introduced in Japan in 1996.

How much is a Chinese zapdos worth?

Zapdos-Holo #16

Date Price Type
9/29/2020 $51.00 Auction
4/30/2020 $191.30 Auction
9/3/2017 $220.00 Best Offer
6/26/2017 $17.99 Buy It Now

Who drew Gen 1 Pokémon?

Ken Sugimori
Ken Sugimori (Japanese: 杉森 建, Hepburn: Sugimori Ken, born January 27, 1966 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese video game designer, illustrator, manga artist, and director. He is best known as the primary character designer and art director for the Pokémon franchise.

Who designed the original 151 Pokémon?

Tajiri and Sugimori formed their own game development company, named after the magazine, in 1989, also, in 1995 both they created Pokémon. Sugimori is usually credited with designing and drawing the 151 original Pokémon himself.

Are Pokemon cards from 1995 real?

Pokemon Topsun 1995 — First Edition Charizard This precious card is the original, first ever Charizard to be printed in existence, and it is worth up to $10,000 due to its rarity.

What is the rarest Pokemon card from the 90s?

You’re on the list!

  • (1) 1999 Pokémon Game #4 Charizard Holo, 1st Edition — $399,750.
  • (2) 1998 Pokémon Japanese Promo Holo Illustrator Pikachu — $375,000.
  • (3) Pokémon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Holo (Wizards of the Coast, 1998) — $360,000.
  • August 12, 2022