How do you download full version of Geometry Dash?

How do you download full version of Geometry Dash?

Click the Download button on the sidebar, and the Geometry Dash download page will open. Press the Download button on the HappyMod page, and the APK file will automatically download to your computer. When the download is complete, you will need to transfer the file to your Android device.

What is the newest version of Geometry Dash?

Update 2.2 is the upcoming 12th major update of Geometry Dash with no set release date….On 27 May 2022, Geometry Dash Lite was updated to 2.21 with the following:

  • New level “Electrodynamix”!
  • New Demon level “Clubstep”!
  • New unlocks!
  • Bugfixes and tweaks.

Is 2.2 Geometry dash out?

Unfortunately there isn’t a solid Geometry Dash 2.2 update release date set in stone yet, but past updates brought fresh levels, achievements, and a new game mode.

How do you get geometry dash full iOS for free?

To download the Geometry Dash Free iOS, you need to install the AppValley application on your iPhone/iPad. Once you are done with the AppValley download, we can move on to the installation of Geometry Dash for free.

How many downloads does geometry dash have?

Western countries also contributed the most to Geometry Dash’s estimated 242 million downloads. The U.S. and Mexico account for approximately a third of all downloads across the App Store and Google Play.

What is app library?

The App Library is a new way to organize your iPhone’s apps, introduced in iOS 14. To find it, simply swipe all the way to the very last, rightmost page of your iPhone’s home screen. Once there, you’ll see all of your apps organized into several folders.

What are all the geometry dash levels?

List of levels

  • Level 1: Stereo Madness (easy)
  • Level 2: Back On Track (easy)
  • Level 3: Polargeist (medium)
  • Level 4: Dry Out (medium)
  • Level 5: Base After Base (hard)
  • Level 6: Can’t Let Go (hard)
  • Level 7: Jumper (harder)
  • Level 8: Time Machine (harder)

How many GD players are there?

Geometry Dash

Month Avg. Players Peak Players
January 2022 7,561.2 12,569
December 2021 7,346.4 11,776
November 2021 7,553.7 12,961
October 2021 8,108.3 15,038

How do I delete an app?

Delete apps that you installed

  1. Open the Google Play Store app .
  2. At the top right, tap the Profile icon.
  3. Tap Manage apps & devices. Manage.
  4. Tap the name of the app you want to delete.
  5. Tap Uninstall.
  • August 29, 2022