How do I redirect mail from Canada Post?

How do I redirect mail from Canada Post?

You can order Mail Forwarding online here with a Canadian credit card and valid email address. You can buy the service at a post office – save time by filling out the Mail Forwarding order form in advance. You will need to show government-issued photo ID like a driver’s license, passport or citizenship card.

Does Canada Post Forward government mail?

Most government mail should be eligible for mail forwarding. However, some very important documents like PR Cards may not be forwarded as they are strictly confidential. Mail that is stamped as “Do Not Forward” will not be forwarded.

What mail Cannot be forwarded by Canada Post?

Parcels (using Canada Post services such as Priority™, Xpresspost™, Xpresspost™ Certified, Expedited Parcel™ and Regular Parcel™), and prepaid envelopes are excluded from this service. Registered Mail™ will be forwarded only within Canada.

How do I have my mail forwarded?

Although mail forwarding may begin within 3 business days of your submitted request, it’s best to allow up to 2 weeks….How to Change Your Address at the Post Office

  1. Visit your local Post Office location. Find a Post Office.
  2. Request a free Mover’s Guide packet.
  3. Fill out the PS Form 3575 found inside the packet.

Can I change my address online with Canada Post?

When you move, you can change your mailing address online and redirect your mail using the mail forwarding tool from Canada Post. The process is simple, and the fee is the same as you pay when you go to a postal outlet to fill in a form.

What kind of mail will not be forwarded?

Standard Mail A (circulars, books, catalogs, and advertising mail) is not forwarded unless requested by the mailer. Standard Mail B (packages weighing 16 ounces or more) are forwarded locally for 12 months at no charge. You pay forwarding charges if you move outside the local area.

What can I do if my mail is not being forwarded?

If you decide to contact a US Postal Inspector, then call 1-877-876-2455! Choose option 3 for mail theft (even if you don’t think this is the problem). Other than that, we suggest that you contact your local Post Office branch to ask whether they received your change of address order.

Can I throw away previous tenants mail Canada?

Yes. It is a federal crime to open or destroy mail that is not intended for you. The law provides that you can not “destroy, hide, open, or embezzle” mail that is not addressed to you. If you intentionally open or destroy someone else’s mail, you are committing obstruction of correspondence, which is a felony.

How much is Canada mail forwarding?

How much does Mail Forwarding cost?

Within province Across provinces
Mail Forwarding for moves Not returning to your original address
3 months (minimum allowed) $54.75 $69.00
Additional months (after the first 3 months) $18.25/month $23.00/month

What to do with mail that isn’t yours?

If you’re not sure what to do with mail that isn’t yours, it’s probably easier than you think to get rid of it legally. All you need to do is write “RETURN TO SENDER” on the front of the envelope and put it back in your mailbox. Your postal worker will take care of it for you from there.

Can I forward mail to another address?

Although mail forwarding may begin within 3 business days of your submitted request, it’s best to allow up to 2 weeks. Mail will be forwarded to your new address as it comes, piece by piece. Choose to change your address in a few simple steps online or visit your local Post Office™ location.

How do I forward a previous tenants mail?

Send the mail along If you know where the person now resides, you can forward the mail to them by crossing out the address only — leave their name — on the envelope. Write the new address near the incorrect one. Then, on the same side of the envelope write something like, “Please forward; not at this address.”

How much does it cost to redirect mail Canada Post?

How long can you forward mail after moving?

According to USPS, the service can initially forward mail for 15 days to six months (185 days). If customers plan to stay at their temporary address for longer than six months and wish to continue forwarding mail, they must extend the temporary forwarding period.

How do I check my mail forwarding status?

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS and ask to be transferred to the post office in the city where you previously lived if you have not begun to receive your forwarded mail. Talk to the postmaster or clerk in that office to check the status of your address change.

Is it illegal to read someone else’s mail in Canada?

Because of this, the Canada Post Corporation Act makes it illegal for any unauthorized individual to open, keep or even delay someone else’s mail.

  • October 31, 2022