How did the Libyan revolution end?

How did the Libyan revolution end?

Muammar Gaddafi evaded capture until 20 October 2011, when he was captured and killed in Sirte. The National Transitional Council declared “the liberation of Libya” and the official end of the war on 23 October 2011.

Is Libya recovered?

The economic monitor estimates that the Libyan economy will partially recover in 2021 from the slump in 2020. GDP growth is forecast at 67% in 2021 in real terms. Oil and gas output will remain the main driver of economic growth in 2021.

Who ruled Libya after independence?

Gaddafi was often described by critics as a dictator, and was one of the world’s longest serving non-royal leaders, ruling for 42 years. He ruled until being overthrown and killed in the 2011 Libyan Civil War, with authority transferred to the General National Congress.

What do the Libyans say in Back to the Future?

Terrorist #1: “Damn Soviet gun!” Terrorist #2: “Damn!” — The Libyans’ barely intelligible curses, when both their rifle and van wouldn’t work, allowing Marty to escape.

Is Libya poor or rich country?

Libya’s per capita income is among the highest in Africa.

Who did Doc Brown steal plutonium from?

Libyan terrorists
The fictional Doc Brown barely took precautions while using plutonium stolen from Libyan terrorists to energize a DeLorean time machine regulated by a “flux capacitor.” In real life there’s nothing funny about this highly radioactive material.

What did I tell you 88 miles per hour?

What did I tell you, 88 miles per hour! – Doctor Emmett Brown | By Doctor Emmett Brown | What did I tell you, 88 miles per hour!

How rich is Libya now?

The economy of Libya depends primarily on revenues from the petroleum sector, which represents over 95% of export earnings and 60% of GDP. These oil revenues and a small population have given Libya one of the highest nominal per capita GDP in Africa. $40.951 billion (nominal, 2018 est.) $74.719 billion (PPP, 2018 est.)

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