How can I set multiple values in a single column in SQL?

How can I set multiple values in a single column in SQL?

First, specify the table name that you want to change data in the UPDATE clause. Second, assign a new value for the column that you want to update. In case you want to update data in multiple columns, each column = value pair is separated by a comma (,). Third, specify which rows you want to update in the WHERE clause.

How can I add multiple values in one column in SQL Server?

SQL Server INSERT Multiple Rows

  1. INSERT INTO table_name (column_list) VALUES (value_list_1), (value_list_2), (
  2. CREATE TABLE sales.promotions ( promotion_id INT PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY (1, 1), promotion_name VARCHAR (255) NOT NULL, discount NUMERIC (3, 2) DEFAULT 0, start_date DATE NOT NULL, expired_date DATE NOT NULL );

How do I add values to a single column?

Only values: First method is to specify only the value of data to be inserted without the column names.

  1. INSERT INTO table_name VALUES (value1, value2, value3,…);
  2. table_name: name of the table.
  3. value1, value2,.. : value of first column, second column,… for the new record.

How do I convert multiple row data to single row?

5 Ways to Convert Multiple Rows to Single row in Excel

  1. Method-1: Using The TRANSPOSE Function.
  2. Method-2: Using Power Query.
  3. Method-3: Using The TEXTJOIN Function.
  4. Method-4: Using The Ampersand Sign.
  5. Method-5: Using The CONCATENATE Function.

How can I get multiple row values in a comma separated in SQL Server?

How to Get Multiple Rows into a Comma Separated List in SQL

  1. MySQL. MySQL has the GROUP_CONCAT() function that allows us to output our query results in a comma separated list: SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(PetName) FROM Pets;
  2. Oracle Database.
  3. SQL Server.
  4. MariaDB.
  5. PostgreSQL.
  6. SQLite.
  7. Multiple Columns.

How can I add values to one column in a table in SQL?

INSERT INTO Syntax 1. Specify both the column names and the values to be inserted: INSERT INTO table_name (column1, column2, column3.)

Can you use like and in together in SQL?

Is there as way to combine the “in” and “like” operators in Oracle SQL? Answer: There is no direct was to combine a like with an IN statement. However Oracle does support several alternative clauses: CONTAINS clause: the contains clause within context indexes.

Is like SQL case-sensitive?

LIKE performs case-insensitive substring matches if the collation for the expression and pattern is case-insensitive. For case-sensitive matches, declare either argument to use a binary collation using COLLATE , or coerce either of them to a BINARY string using CAST .

Can I use like AND in together SQL?

You can use LIKE with OR operator which works same as IN operator.

How do I make multiple rows into one column?

How to use the macro to convert row to column

  1. Open the target worksheet, press Alt + F8, select the TransposeColumnsRows macro, and click Run.
  2. Select the range that you want to transpose and click OK:
  3. Select the upper left cell of the destination range and click OK:
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