How can I get in touch with DHR Alabama?

How can I get in touch with DHR Alabama?

Phone Numbers:

  1. Main Number (205) 258-4900.
  2. Adult Services (205) 258-4900.
  3. After-Hours Emergency (Child and/or Adult Abuse/Neglect) (205) 755-2511.
  4. Child Support Information (205) 258-4900.
  5. Family and Child Services (205) 258-4900.
  6. Food Assistance FAX (205) 258-4971.
  7. Food Assistance Information (205) 258-4900.

Where did the food stamp office move to in Montgomery Alabama?

Gunter Park
A state agency that handles everything from food stamps to child welfare will move its services to a new location in Montgomery this month. Montgomery County’s Department of Human Resources is temporarily moving to Gunter Park to make way for changes at its 3030 Mobile Highway location.

How do I file a complaint with DHR in Alabama?

Contact the Department of Human Resources Child Care Services Division at 1-866-528-1694 and request to speak to Child Care Intake. Complaints that are violations of the Child Care Minimum Standards will be investigated by the Department. Complaints can also be emailed to [email protected].

What is considered child neglect in Alabama?

Under Alabama law, it is ‚Äúnegligent treatment or maltreatment of a child, including the failure to provide adequate food, medical treatment, clothing, or shelter: provided, however, that a parent or guardian legitimately practicing his religious beliefs who thereby does not provide specified medical treatment for a …

Can I sue DHR in Alabama?

As discussed above, foster children who are abused by their foster parents do have a legal right to bring a lawsuit against Alabama DHR.

How long does a DHR case stay open in Alabama?

How long should the process take? Within 20 days of receiving an application, DHR must open the case and start looking for the non-custodial parent. Within the next 75 days, DHR is supposed to find the non-custodial parent. If DHR fails, it must try again every 3 months.

  • September 30, 2022