Can I use my disabled bus pass anywhere in England?

Can I use my disabled bus pass anywhere in England?

You can get a bus pass for free travel if you’re disabled. Passes from councils in England can be used anywhere in England: at any time on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday.

Can you use bus pass on North Shields ferry?

If you have an All Day pass, you will be able to travel on buses in Tyne and Wear free of charge all day, for 60p per trip at any time on the Shields Ferry and for 50p on rail services between Newcastle and Metrocentre/Blaydon. Please note that your pass does not entitle you to all day travel outside Tyne and Wear.

Can I use my Saltire Card in England?

Card holders can travel at any time of day for any number of journeys on registered local buses and long distance scheduled coach services throughout Scotland. NECs are not valid for travel on bus services in England or any other part of the UK except limited cross border travel to Berwick-upon-Tweed and Carlisle.

What is the companion card?

The National Companion Card brings together state and territory programs that enable eligible people with disability who require attendant care support to participate at venues and activities without incurring the cost of a second ticket for their companion.

Can I get free travel with PIP?

The organisation Turn2Us has provided further clarity on the matter and PIP claimants’ eligibility. Its website reads: “You could get free bus travel in your local area if in England, Scotland or Wales, you have been awarded at least eight points for the moving around activity in the PIP test.”

Can I use my free travel pass on a ferry?

What is the Free Travel Scheme? The Free Travel Scheme allows you to travel, free of charge, on public transport and some private bus and ferry services.

Can you use travel pass for the ferry?

Only the named person can use the Free Travel Pass, you cannot let another person use it. To travel for free you must always produce your Free Travel Pass for inspection to the ferry operator.

Can I use my disabled bus pass on the train in Scotland?

Your National Entitlement Card gives you free bus travel, but if you are blind or have a visual impairment, you are also entitled to use your card to access concessions on train, Edinburgh tram and ferry travel.

Can I use my Scottish free bus pass in England?

Unfortunately, you can’t use it for travel in England or Wales.

What are the benefits of a companion card?

The NSW Companion Card program is for people with significant and permanent disability who need a high level of care in the community. The Companion Card allows a cardholder’s support person free entry into participating venues and events.

What can a companion card be used for?

The card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events….The card is accepted by a range of organisations, from local councils to popular recreation activities or events including:

  • AFL (Australian Football League)
  • Ticketmaster.
  • Village cinemas.
  • Arts Centre.
  • Melbourne Zoo.

What does P mean on free travel pass?

personally entitled to
If FT-P is written on the card the holder is personally entitled to free travel. If FT+S is written on the card the holder can travel with their spouse, partner or cohabitant. If FT+C is written on the card the holder can have a companion (over 16) travel with them for free.

Can I use my free travel pass in Europe?

What is the free European travel pass? The European travel pass is mainly for use on the InterRail system, but pass holders will also be able to use buses and ferries at certain times to help make travel across Europe easier. You will only need a single rail ticket for the InterRail.

Can I use my travel pass in Northern Ireland?

You cannot use your existing free travel pass for free travel within Northern Ireland.

Can I stay in my car on a ferry to Ireland?

For safety reasons passengers are not permitted to remain in their vehicle when the ferry is at sea. Prior to departure the vehicle deck is secured by our crew and access to the deck is not permitted during the crossing.

  • October 11, 2022